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CCTV Monitoring

CAT2 NSI Gold BS8418 CCTV Monitoring Station


We offer a National CCTV Monitoring Station, providing a CAT2 NSI Gold BS8418 CCTV surveillance service. Using the latest CCTV monitoring technology, every night we are involved in deterring or stopping criminal activity on our client’s sites. Our vigilant CCTV monitoring service has noticeably decreased the amount of burglary and criminal damage caused to secure premises.  Our dedicated attitude ensures that you can leave your premises in safe hands.

We have purpose built in compliance with both BS 5979 and BS 8418 and working in partnership with 

Safety & Security Systems, have created a unique solution combining cutting edge technology with highly motivated, Security Industry Association (SIA) licensed Operators to provide you and your premises with the one thing you seek: a crime free zone!

We operate to BS 8418 in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act and BS EN ISO 9001:2008, NSI SSQS 102 and BS 5979:2007 and are accredited to:

  • National Security Inspectorate (NSI) ARC Gold Scheme


The Benefits of CCTV Monitoring:


  • Deterrent Factor: The visible presence of a CCTV Monitoring system ensures potential thieves are aware of the crime free zone you have created.
  • Staff Wellbeing: Working with a remote video surveillance system eliminates the health and safety and liability considerations relating to lone workers onsite.
  • Highly Skilled SIA Operators: We employ specially trained, highly skilled and SIA licensed operators, to instantly respond to the received images.
  • Cost Effective: At less than 1/10th of the average cost of a security guard, the cost savings you make will be significant.
  • Management Reporting: We can provide you with a detailed, daily record of any activity on your sites and should an incident occur you will be provided with images of evidential quality.
  • Flexible Service: We are led by our customers requirements and provide a wide range of additional services in addition to remote CCTV monitoring . They include Remote Access Control, CCTV Delivery Monitoring and a Keyholding service when required to compliment CCTV monitoring.
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