Integrated Fire & Security Solutions

Many of our projects are quite large but we pride ourselves on undertaking medium and small projects, offering the best of service, continued support, training and quality excellent priced products tailored to your budget and needs that we offer all our clients.


The system we installed in the manufacturing unit at present only has three cameras, but we have installed it to meet today's HD SDI 1080P technology and be future proof being expandable to 8 cameras.


This system was requested by our client to deliver different aspects for them, to monitor the security of the premises, with remote viewing, to protect the staff when they are working alone so the manufacturing floor can be viewed to ensure a lone worker is safe, and also to monitor the performance of the staff and both assist the employer in any disciplinary dispute but also offer the employee an opportunity to have a video defence if wrongly accused of something.


This then protects a company in many different ways.

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To offer addition security and to prevent easy access to the recorded footage we have "hidden" the DVR so that in the event of a break in the captured footage is safe and the DVR will not also be removed from the building.


A monitor is installed in the managers office so that easy viewing fo all the manufacturing area can be view as well as the staff office.

Images from the live viewing facility over the internet